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Apply to join C10's 2023 Winter Cohort

C10 Labs is inviting individual innovators and early stage teams to apply to join the 2023 Winter AI Studio Cohort. Each team receives up to $30K of support in addition to the monthly stipend. This is not an incubator or accelerator. We develop all venture thesis through the rigorous Spot-Probe process. We expect about 25% venture thesis to survive after the 3 months. So proceed with caution! The C10 studio and fund can support building out the top ventures.

You can be a technical founder interested in a broad sector without a specific business idea, a domain expert exploring a seemingly lucrative opportunity or an early stage team with some traction.


Sep 30, 2023: Full applications due

Oct 10, 2023: Selections announced

Oct 20, 2023: Contracts Due

Nov 6, 2023 to Feb 16, 2024: Winter 2023 AI Studio Cohort 

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