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Dimensional AI requires deft, multi-dimensional execution. Our smart fund uses a data-driven hypothesis designed to foster creativity and collaboration. We  provide our proto-ventures with the resources they need to succeed: funds, talent, compute and pilot clients.

Agile and Responsive

In the fast moving AI world, we  believe in continual and prompt funding for our proto-ventures via an agile internal investment council. We provide additional external engineering and AI talent and compute at preferred discounted rates.


We are AI experts and objective market specialists, not speculators or trend followers. We don’t trust in anyone’s instincts, not even our own. We ‘fail fast’ and ditch 75% of our proto-venture thesis so that only the best receive our seed funding.


Entrepreneurs avoid new markets and VCs avoid platform plays. But we focus on high-growth sectors untapped by AI and platforms. Our unique studio + fund model allows us to create value for our investors and portfolio companies with agile resources and responsible AI ventures.

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