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AI Venture Studio

Creating Iconic AI-First Ventures Beyond Screens

C10 LABS is a Cambridge-based venture studio fund transforming the future of AI-First


AI innovation has largely been tethered to the confines of screens, encompassing content

creation, office tools, coding, and chatbots.  The true potential of AI is about transforming

industries, reshaping economies and enhancing lives. 

C10 Labs’ venture studio model is extending the AI revolution beyond screens to build

“Dimensional AI” ventures that will revolutionize healthcare, agriculture, transportation, energy,

and more.

To create resilient AI companies with real world impact, we need a new venture model.


At the core of C10's AI Studio approach is the unparalleled AI and sectoral expertise of our team of innovators, designers, and entrepreneurs. 


Dimensional AI requires deft, multi-dimensional execution. C10's smart fund uses a data-driven hypothesis designed to foster creativity and collaboration. We  provide our proto-ventures with the resources they need to succeed: funds, talent, compute and pilot clients.


From AI wizards in the MIT-Harvard ecosystem to a presence in key innovation hubs around the world, C10 Labs has the network in a diverse range of markets and access the best talent from around the globe.

Apply to join C10's 2024 Spring Cohort

C10 Labs is inviting individual innovators and early stage teams to apply to join the 2024 Spring AI Studio Cohort. C10 Labs is not a traditional incubator or accelerator. We are a venture studio poised to develop a venture thesis through the rigorous Spot-Probe process. The C10 studio and fund is designed to support building top ventures harnessing the power of AI.

The Spring Cohort is looking for technical founders interested in exploring a broad sector without a specific business idea, a domain experts exploring a seemingly lucrative opportunity or early stage teams with some traction.

Dates: Stay tuned for the schedule.

Applications are evaluated on a rolling basis, first of every month.

Reach out to for more information. 

C10 Labs only accepts applications if the primary applicant is not a current MIT student.


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