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Shahid has started four venture backed technology and healthcare companies as CEO, and discovered that AI-first company CEOs cannot be just tech leaders or business leaders but must become dimensional leaders to fully tap the potential.

Shahid Azim

Managing Partner & CEO

Patricia has brought innovation to the trenches to solve global problems in some of the most difficult regions of the world, from mining in Central Africa, to Ebola in West Africa. Having managed billions in investments and worked with top world leaders, she realized that dimensional AI could help solve some of the world's greatest challenges.

Patricia Geli

Managing Partner & COO

Ramesh, an MIT Media Lab Professor, has co-founded multiple companies, led venture studios and AI teams at Apple, Facebook and Google X. He believes creating strong moat AI-first startups will require a new approach.

Ramesh Raskar

Managing Partner & Chief Scientist

C10 Labs founders co-taught the pioneering class "AI for Impact: Venture Studio." This class teaches and draws talent from MIT and Harvard. The semester concludes with a demo day where ideas are judged by more than 20 investors.

Old ideas like ‘disruption’ pit incumbent sectoral leaders against tech upstarts. The AI revolution fundamentally shifts the game and helps industries leapfrog to the next level. To help AI innovators and entrepreneurs, three restless immigrants banned together to launch C10 Labs. We are a venture studio and fund. We plan to create 10+ companies each year.