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Patricia Geli

Patricia has been in trenches with may innovators solving global problems in some of the most difficult regions. Even after managing billions in investments, working with top world leaders (see here), she thought AI’s impact on these sectors will not be achieved with ‘Screen AI’. Although solving these sectoral problems present lucrative opportunities for founders, she realized that tech entrepreneurs are not comfortable beyond the digital sector.

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An entrepreneur needs to have a vision, get in the trenches during tough times, and still keep the mundane day-to-day stuff going.


Patricia is adept at this. She was in charge of multi-million dollar projects in diverse African countries, many of them fragile, during her tenure at the World Bank. In one instance, she ended up in a city during an unpredictable civil war and had to work from bunkers. While bullets were flying over her head, her tenant back in DC, placed an 'emergency’ call as the plumbing had to be fixed. But, Patricia’s missions in Africa were equally urgent: from leading the design team for the Africa CDC project, including a $30M national data center in Ethiopia, to executing projects in Sierra Leone at the height of the Ebola crisis, to leading the external debt resolution in Gambia. Patricia’s entrepreneurial spirit and problem-solving skills proved priceless.

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