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Ramesh Raskar

Ramesh has co-founded multiple studios, led AI teams at Facebook and Apple. He realized that creating strong moat AI-first startups requires a brand new approach [Link to video].

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Ramesh loves the interface between physical, digital and human and societal behavior. From creating complex software projects like creating 'street address for all' to creating an multi-million dollar non-profit PathCheck to respond to Covid19 that became the worlds largest opensource non-profit for Covid19 where he led 100's of professional volunteers, including 5 former CEOs.


One of the large AI-for-Good projects Ramesh did in the innovation team he led at Facebook was a large software-infield project creating street-addresses for a all.

This entrepreneurial effort meant crafting a new research direction from scratch, convincing the VPs for funding, building a team and conceiving partners to work while it keeping it a stealth project that does not  mention the name 'facebook'. 

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