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Shahid Azim

Shahid has started four venture backed companies as CEO [Link to blog], and concluded that AI-first company CEOs cannot be just tech leaders or business leaders but dimensional leaders.

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Dive deep into the realm where cutting-edge tech meets the heartbeat of humanity, and you'll find Shahid surfing that wave with style. With 15 years of making magic in venture-backed ventures spanning health to hip consumer brands, he's become the Dumbledore of bringing ideas and products to life. From battling "first-of-its-kind" engineering dragons to orchestrating a symphony with everyone—be it the artsy designer or the data nerd—it's not just a job; it's his "super power."

Did we mention he's a global maestro? Whether it's the brainy corridors of Cambridge or the tech buzz of Silicon Valley, Shahid has an uncanny knack for roping in the best tech wizards. And the cherry on top? He's manifested a cool $100M in early-stage venture green and led trailblazing teams to dominate various markets.

But wait, there's more! When COVID stormed in, Shahid donned a superhero cape. Taking a sabbatical, he masterminded a mega successful public health mission in Massachusetts. And guess what? It became the shining armor for every school kiddo in the state, and like a chart-topping hit, it went platinum across several states!


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